Clare Brodie | Clare Brodie - Australian Artist - Pathways Exhibition
A former interior designer, Brodie’s art practice draws on her connection with nature, the strength of the natural landscape and an intuitive understanding of placement and balance.
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As Far As I Can Walk

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Big Blue Day

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Changing Perspective
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Looking Through
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Amongst The Trees

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Woven Leaves

  • BIG BLUE DAY was beautifully hung at Studio Galleries Melbourne new boutique space in Armadale. Clare Brodie was there to celebrate at the opening with owner and artist Kerry Armst...

  • SPRING DAWNING has been donated by Clare Brodie to take part in the Peace of Art 2018 to raise fund for School A Gift. All art work is to be auctioned on 14 November via the Fenton...

  • GRW Developments featured Clare Brodie’s LOOKING THROUGH from her ‘Between Series’ in their beautiful new Armadale Reisence....