2022 Elusive Forms Solo Exhibition

Elusive Forms solo show at Scott Lawrie Gallery

Shed 10, 13 Coles Avenue

Mt Eden, Auckland 1024

Aotearoa New Zealand

As one of the more interesting contemporary abstract landscape painters in Australia, Clare Brodie’s work is worthy of a little more time to look at, and connect with. These are not so much landscapes of place (although they have been inspired by particular places) they are also landscapes of the mind. Paintings that are both deceptively simple, and conspicuously sophisticated – tapping into our unconscious and connecting us to moments of solitude and calm, peace and harmony.

When I first encountered Clare’s work in Sydney – in a show which quickly sold out – I couldn't ‘place’ them easily. Was this Op-art? Landscape? Or colour field abstraction? Either way, they were certainly a breath of fresh air, giving me an instant escape from the stress and tension of modern life and the ‘smack between the eyeballs’ attention-grab of many contemporary artworks these days. Her paintings were gentler, more introspective and timeless, yet they resonated with an extraordinary energy that made them stand out.

In this, her first New Zealand solo show, Clare offers us a gentle and subtle connection to nature; each hue exhaustively tested and mixed again and again until the abstracted forms meld together as a unified and satisfying whole.

2018 Hornsby Art Prize

Clare Brodie 2018 Finalist in Hornsby Art Prize

Clare Brodie has been selected as a finalist in the 2018 Hornsby Art Prize.
Her art work ONCE UPON A TREE is from her 'Between Series'.

The Hornsby Art Prize Finalists’ Exhibition will take place over two sites in 2018, Wallarobba Arts and Cultural Centre and the Library Exhibition Space, Hornsby Library. It is open to the public from 17 – 28 October.

Clare Brodie Exhibition - EST Living

One of our favourite Sydney galleries, Saint Cloche always has  an eye for beautiful, intelligent art. Their upcoming exhibition showcasing local emerging talent Clare Brodie is a stunning journey through colour and shape that is sure to enthral gallery regulars and newcomers alike.

Titled ‘PATHWAYS’, the exhibition, Brodie’s first solo show, was inspired by the artists solo walks in the local park. The meditative experience has been captured in flat planes of reduced saturated colour, simplifying her environment and ordering her creative thought. The resulting works unearth the simple beauty of the bush, through poignant, rhythmic colour and form.

A former interior designer, Brodie’s art practice draws on her connection with nature, the strength of the natural landscape and an intuitive understanding of placement and balance. Ironically, Brodie’s ‘moment in time’ artworks feel timeless, sure to captivate even the art-ambivalent.

'Pathways' opens 15 February until 26th February 2017.

Saint Cloche

37 Macdonald Street
Paddington, NSW 2021  Australia.
0434 274 251

2017 Saint Cloche ‘Pathways’ solo exhibition 15-26 February 2017

Exhibition Opening

6 - 8pm Wednesday 15 Feb 2017
Tues - Sun: 10am - 5pm til 26 Feb 2017

Saint Cloche

37 MacDonald St, Paddington

Phone: 0434 274 251
email: info@saintcloche.com

W-Gallery group exhibition 2016

Clare approaches her art with the eye of a designer.

She is a skilled draftswoman, able to translate Australian landscapes into minimal pictorial elements. She uses flat or textured planes with reduced saturated colours to create balance and order in her works.

For this exhibition Clare has drawn on the bush from her local area and from Lake Tabourie, where her family holidays in the summer. In her paintings she captures these moments of peace and connection with nature. Clare is continuing her “Pathway” narrative, which reflects her view of life being a journey. She has embarked on a series of canopy paintings, magnifying the foliage of trees to create semi-abstract works strong in form and colour, defining the simplicity and calm that she finds in nature.

This showcase illustrates the elements that empower Clare’s art practice, nature, unique colour palettes and thoughtful order.