Australia's Top 100 Artist

Top 100 Artist

Delighted to part of an setllar line up of most collectable Australian Artist and excited to be their first feature artist

2023 Moon In Waiting Solo

'Moon In Waiting'  Solo at Fortitude Valley Gallery, Brisbane. Opening night is on the 9th of June, running through to 23rd of June.

Dulux 2023 Colour Forecast


Stylist at large, interior designer Bree Leech has done it again with her magnificent interiors for the Dulux Australia Colour Forecast 2023, featuring my painting 'Realm'.

2022 Sydney Solo Show

I am delighted to announce my next solo show-

'Illuminating Moments'

Opening Night | 6.00-8.00 pm Friday 14 Oct

Location | Studio Gallery, 3-7 Dank St, Waterloo

Exhibition will run 14 - 27th Oct

Out Now!

Art_Edit Issue 33

I was delighted to see the print version of the latest Art_Edit magazine. The talented stylist Zoe Murphy featured her own home and art collection. 'Me and the Landscape' sits beautifully in her lounge room.  Zoe collecting ethos is "They must have a sense of humour and be playful because that is my personality." I have to agree with her, the painting she choose from my 'Travel and Stop' collection fits those parameters perfectly.

Elusive Forms Film

Scott Lawrie has created a beautiful film capturing my thoughts and works from my 'Elusive Forms' Solo Show, May 2022 Auckland. The film can be viewed :

The Design Files

An Interior Designer's Playful Family 'Art House features ' Me and the Landscape' From 'Travel and Stop' Series from Studio Gallery. The beautiful home is designed by the talented stylist and interior designer  Zoe Mruphy's for her elegant Toorak home.

Full story by Lucy Feagins on

New Zealand, Arts Review

New Zealand Arts Review May 18 2022

"Four Landscape Exhibitions" reviewed by John Daly-Peoples

"Her view of nature are reduced to flat planes with soft pastel colours, abstracting and simplifying so the paintings look like elaborate jigsaw puzzles."

'Treescape Abstraction' EyeContact


John Hurrell 'Treescape Abstractions' For EyeContact

Delighted with Hurrell review on my solo show 'Elusive Form' at Scott Lawrie Gallery Auckland.

"Brodie's fastidiousness is a real achievement: her placement of suggestive botanical morphological ingredients surprisingly satisfying."

"Tonal contrast is used to emphasise clarity, and overall create optical 'bounce'."



2022 Elusive Forms Solo Exhibition

Elusive Forms solo show at Scott Lawrie Gallery

Shed 10, 13 Coles Avenue

Mt Eden, Auckland 1024

Aotearoa New Zealand

As one of the more interesting contemporary abstract landscape painters in Australia, Clare Brodie’s work is worthy of a little more time to look at, and connect with. These are not so much landscapes of place (although they have been inspired by particular places) they are also landscapes of the mind. Paintings that are both deceptively simple, and conspicuously sophisticated – tapping into our unconscious and connecting us to moments of solitude and calm, peace and harmony.

When I first encountered Clare’s work in Sydney – in a show which quickly sold out – I couldn't ‘place’ them easily. Was this Op-art? Landscape? Or colour field abstraction? Either way, they were certainly a breath of fresh air, giving me an instant escape from the stress and tension of modern life and the ‘smack between the eyeballs’ attention-grab of many contemporary artworks these days. Her paintings were gentler, more introspective and timeless, yet they resonated with an extraordinary energy that made them stand out.

In this, her first New Zealand solo show, Clare offers us a gentle and subtle connection to nature; each hue exhaustively tested and mixed again and again until the abstracted forms meld together as a unified and satisfying whole.