Solo exhibition at Art2muse

Exhibition 15-28 October 2019

Brightest of Day is a series of works which explores the winter landscape which I observed whilst on holiday in Orange. It seemed that for a country that celebrates summer, that in fact our brightest day is in winter with liquid blue sky and shimmering foliage.

I did preliminary water colour sketches made on location to record my emotional response. This helps build the pictorial language which is repeated through out this series.

Within my  studio, canvases begin with vague pencil sketches with free flowing washes.  Layers of matt vinyl paint are build up slowly using flat wide brushes. Vigilant observation leads to incrementally adjustments in an obsessive manner. Art works progress slowly; each new shape alternating what went before to create an overall rhythmic harmony.

Recurring themes of roads and trees with the elimination of detail and repetition creates a physical sense of  order and harmony. Small vignettes are deliberately placed at the edges of the painting to lead the view outwards and beyond. 

My usual neutral pallet is used with a combination of intensely saturated colours, often using complimentary schemes. White is specifically placed to lead the viewers eye through the painting.

These works continue my exploration into  my observational art where I use scale and placement to create semi-abstract art works that still time #artworksthatstilltime-