Solo exhibition at Studio Gallery Melbourne

Exhibition 1-15 November 2019


This current series is infused with the emotional response I feel when I am compelled to stop and take a moment to view a particular country scene and how being drawn to these moments in time, enhances my well-being.  

I ponder on the role of memory as I interpret my surroundings. Australian panoramas blend with my English childhood recollections that saw me wearing a cherry red jacket to keep me snug in the snow. This colour has become symbolic in the collection, a focal point in the artworks, an actual stop sign.

Distant trees have morphed into geometric shapes and blend with organic forms creating my own figurative language. The colour pallete sits lightly between reality and poetry. 

Recurring themes of roads and trees with the repetition and elimination of detail, creates a physical sense of order and personal harmony. Small vignettes are deliberately placed at the edges of the painting to lead the view outward and beyond.  

These works continue to enhance my exploration of observational art where focused placement and scale creates semi-abstract art works that still time #artworksthatstilltime-